Why DIY?

I’m Natalie, or on social media @whackitnat because its more fun and because I started this blog after losing my temper at DIY jobs and whacking them with a hammer, which worked more often than you would think.

Me doing DIY with my sander
I love my sander!

I absolutely love interiors and beautiful homes but can’t always afford to just buy the Pinterest picture perfection I dream of. So, I try and create the look and feel through upcycling, DIY and frequently calling my Dad. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes I fail along the way but I’ll always be honest so you can learn from my mistakes.

Currently, my family and I are renovating our fourth home. We are lucky that we are physically fit and got on the housing ladder before the self employed were made total pariahs by the mortgage lenders. One of our most basic human needs is for safe shelter so when I’m starting to covet that Tom Dixon light I can’t afford I try and kick myself back down to earth and be thankful for the comfort and security I do have.

My aim is to always leave a place more beautiful than when I found it. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and bringing a dated property back to life. My husband is quite the opposite and would be happy if he never had to hold a screwdriver ever again (in our first flat he tried to put up a blind and managed to break two drill bits). However, what he lacks in DIY know how he makes up for in height and is ready to help if I need someone tall.

Man pulling an Ikea Kallax unit with two children looking on
Big Hubby – like a massive human clamp.

My two children have lived through mummy getting trapped in rooms with massive rolled up carpets and learnt some new words while I’ve been replacing pipes (we have had conversations about using those words in front of Grandma) But, I believe seeing their bedrooms transformed from aging anaglypta and swirly carpets to pretty modern hangouts will help them see what’s possible rather than just what is there now.

Two children pulling paper off a wall. Never too young for DIY
What child wouldn’t love to be told they can pull the wallpaper off?

My intention is to be useful and make you smile. Some of the links in my posts are affiliate links, so at no additional cost to you, if you choose to buy something I will receive a commission which will help me keep this site running. I hope you enjoy this blog and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

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