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Lockdown Makeover – Schoolroom

We are lucky that we live in a house that fits us all in, its not massive but we all have a room we can call our own and a garden to play and relax in. My husband and I usually work from home so we have a carefully crafted routine which involves mostly avoiding each other during the day unless a cup of tea or lunch are on offer. He has a study where he can be as messy and sweary as he likes and I work in the living room where I can sneak a peak at Daytime TV, for research purposes obviously.

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Due to the corona virus we have our two children at home, all the time and we are also at home ALL THE TIME.

I looked forward to the process of homeschooling, hopeful that my little darlings would be helping around the house and we would be learning Shakespeare and gardening. I imagined a sort of self sufficient, Midwest homestead but in the suburbs and with iPads.

Back in reality, the last few days have been filled with bickering, mess and the intermittent buzzing of phones alerting us to work being set by teachers who are diligently continuing to do their jobs remotely. This was all happening in the living room – my space!

Messy living room table

The table was being used for schoolwork, craft projects, snacks and WhatsApping (giving me no room to sit and work) So, it was time to bring our dilapidated sun room back into use time for a lockdown makeover, time to make a schoolroom (without leaving the house to pop to B&Q)

Our sun room is a leaky, temporary structure that we plan to knock down and have built properly. As a result, it has become a bit of a dumping ground for garden furniture, shoes, laundry and anything else that gets left on the way to and from the garden.

messy sun room before the lockdown school room makeover
Before Photo

With going to the shops out of the question I fashioned a shoe rack from a bit of old cupboard that hadn’t made it to the tip and some bricks from the garden. Not quite industrial chic but honest and functional.

shoe rack made from bricks and a cupboard door

After clearing the space of junk I set up and old table and a couple of garden chairs with some lovely cushions that I made ages ago but don’t go with anything. The blackboard has been festering in the garage since we moved a year ago and the shelves (upcycled with Annie Sloan paint) are full of craft supplies and board games and now within easy reach. I gave the plant that had been bravely hanging on to life in the corner a bit of love and attention and it appeared grateful not to die.

finished lockdown school room makeover

‘Sort the sun room’ has been on my list of things to do since January but I never seemed to have the time. Surprisingly, the whole process (including cleaning) took about an hour and a half!

As this time of heightened anxiety, it was really relaxing to have something for me to do that stopped me scrolling my news feeds. It gave me a tangible task that could have a quick and visible reward, I’ve written a bit about the meditative benefit of craft and DIY here. Knit, paint, make cards – do something with your hands that stops you looking at social media and touching your face!

Now, we have an extra space to avoid cabin fever. Our lockdown makeover has given us a schoolroom that can be used for homework, reading and crafts…luckily, I didn’t expect it to stay tidy!

messy school room

How are you zoning and adapting your house to make the lockdown easier? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Gina

    March 30, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    Great way to solve to a problem. Looks great and inviting!

    1. Whackitnat

      March 30, 2020 at 4:28 pm

      Thanks Gina, it’s working at the moment!

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