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Hammer Time

I’m doing a lot of DIY work on my new house at the moment and learning new things every day. This is my top tip for getting a stubborn screw out of a wall.

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When you’re unscrewing fixings from walls there is always that one that refuses to budge. The end disintegrates with every turn of the screwdriver and it drinks the magical WD40 and spits it right back at you. The last one like this I drilled out which made a stupid amount of mess and I have been known to incorporate such things into the design rather than persevere at removing them.

Large screw holding a piece of wood in a brick wall

The others came out easily but this one oh no.

This is what worked for me.

Whack it with a hammer! Then use a chisel, pliers, anything that you can get your hands on, no Mr Nice Guy.

Tools including a hammer, chisel and various screwdrivers.

Then if you bend or break your hammer, do not give up. Get a bigger hammer and whack it again.

small bent hammer next to large hammer
Bent but not broken.

It may take time, bad words and several cups of tea to keep going. To help me I drew inspiration from Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2 (its the best one of the franchise) I assure you that eventually, it will submit and you will feel like you’ve saved an aeroplane full of people in time for Christmas.

Well that was my afternoon how was yours?

brick wall with a hole where the large screw was

If you want to take a look at the bigger project (and it is a big project) click here.

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