Painting and Thinking

When stripping walls, sanding woodwork and painting everything, the mind has time to wander. I’ve just finished painting my children’s rooms in the new house so I thought I’d share my musings and some photos of my daughter’s room (son’s will be in the next post as there are some little bits to finish). Anyway, I actually think that rolling white layer upon white layer whilst breathing in paint fumes is a great way of getting into a spiritual state of enlightenment…this is what I thought about…

Here’s the before photo.

Paint that is suitable for walls, woodwork and metal is great.

I used Wilko Durable Matt Paint on literally everything in my daughter’s room and everything except the turquoise feature wall in my son’s room. It saves soooo much time as you have fewer edges where you need to be careful. It also means you get an even finish with the same texture which I really like. I tried a white satin wood paint but it had a yellow tinge to it so went over it with the all purpose and it looks much better.

Prep done and ready to paint.

Why don’t they sell proper baggy jeans anymore?

I wore my 90’s baggy jeans and a white vest to paint in and felt so much better that I do in my skinny jeans. They are so much more flattering! With this in mind I had a scoot around the shops but even ‘boyfriend jeans’ have a straight leg. Could someone please start selling proper baggy jeans that you can jump around a field in? Until then you’ll find me bouncing around the house in my paint covered ones like a reject from All Saints.

Prepping my son’s room. I’d take this outfit over a dress any day.

What have the ‘Far Right’ and ISIS got against each other?

I listen to the radio a lot when I’m painting so hear much more news than I normally do. It struck me how similar the English Nationalists and the Muslim Extremists are in their attitudes. I should probably explain that I believe that people should be entitled to healthcare and education but not entitled to persecute people because of their gender, race, religion or sexuality. Oh, and I’m for equal pay and against FGM. You get the idea. Obviously on social media this would make me a ‘loony liberal feminazi’ but luckily, most people I know just think of it as being fair.

So, if I was organising my wedding (stay with me here) and I had an uncle who was a member of far right group like the EDL and a cousin who was thinking of establishing a Caliphate I would totally seat them at the same table. They could reminisce about things being better in the past; bond over the unnatural union of my gay friends and bitch about how women should dress and behave. Surely they’d have a marvellous time! Even if they didn’t, it would mean all my other friends and relatives could dance about drinking fizz and having fun. If they started getting cross with people I could get Marie Kondo (she’d definitely be at my imaginary wedding) to eject them for not ‘sparking joy’.

First coat of paint sparks joy.

The only time it is cool to be rubbish is at secondary school.

At primary school it’s really good to be a high achiever, those children are celebrated and popular. Then, at secondary school it suddenly becomes cool to be rubbish at the stuff you are primarily there to do. To ‘not get Shakespeare’ and to be ‘bad at maths’ is worn like a badge of honour right through until the final exams. That’s when the kids who genuinely struggle find out everyone else was just pretending. Then, being rubbish at everything suddenly stops being cool. However you make a living, whether you’re a surgeon, a bicycle thief or anything in between you want people to think you’re good at it (even if you’re not). Every office has a large proportion of people who delegate tasks, steal ideas and self promote to cover up their own inadequacies. Even if you’re really good at your job you’re probably racked with self doubt that someone will find out that you’re not. Maybe that’s why so many people look back at school as being the best days of their life, when it was OK to admit to your contemporaries that you’re a bit s**t at stuff.

Three coats and a lot of singing later.

How long will I have paint in my hair?

While painting, I washed my hair everyday but never managed to quite be paint free. I would just put a hat on when I had to leave the house, usually to buy more paint. It’s now a week since I finished decorating and I’m still finding white bits! Oh my, what if its not all paint? What if its grey and here to stay? If I worry about it will I get more? What if my EDL uncle and ISIS cousin where right and that by doing traditionally male work I will become old and ugly before my time and won’t hold any value as a woman. Then I remember that I’m in my forties and haven’t been to the hairdressers in a while and they can shut up because I don’t care for their opinions and actually I think they’ll find that I made them up anyway. So, shut up!

The after photo. A high sleeper and a chandelier! What’s not to love?

What have I learnt?

It’s not good for me to spend so much time alone and I should definitely open a window when painting.

What do you think about when you’re doing repetitive tasks? Do share in the comments section underneath.

Oh, and I don’t get any money from brands but if you want to know where any of the items in this post came from just ask X

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