My ‘Love It or List It?’ Moment

Well, we have moved out of the hottest summer on record, spent Christmas surrounded by boxes and two moving dates have come and gone. Despite having a small chain and everyone wanting to move we are still in the same house. Why? Apparently solicitors…


We’ve put our house up for sale. There I’ve said it. There’s a sign outside and everything. If we were on ‘Love It or List It‘ Phil could down that pint of ale and go ‘Ahh!’ in Kirstie’s face, he has won. (For my non British readers Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are property show Royalty. In ‘Love It or List It’ the practical Phil tries to convince a homeowner to put their house on the market by finding them a better one to buy while crafty Kirstie cajoles them into knocking down walls, building some more and staying put.)

Glad that’s cleared up or you really wouldn’t understand the ending of this blog…

My daughter cried for half an hour when we first mentioned the very idea of selling. The crying went down by 5 minutes each time and now she has the semblance of a stiff…

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