Down, Down, Down.

I know I’m behind the rest of the world in this but I’ve just fallen into Pinterest and I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole in fact I only made it out to write this because I had to answer a phone call from a builder quoting what is currently know as ‘the extension that’s never going to happen’ (how much?) But you see now it has to happen because I’ve just seen a sliding bookcase that’s really a door with a secret room behind and magical living walls even more magnificent than the one in Anthropologie Regent Street and fairy tale tree murals which escape from the walls onto the ceilings… In short I’ve started making my boards for my imaginary house and I think you’ll agree that these tend to be the most affordable kind of houses.

What’s wonderful and liberating is that I have the freedom to choose whatever I truly love rather than what I should like or what’s practical. Yes, I would love an easy to wipe clutter free house in reality but in the world of pure imagination I’m building a sort of Wonderland, Wonka, Narnia inspired house and garden and that’s where I’d really like to live.

I’ve tried to link my boards and blog but for some reason (namely my ineptitude) I’ve not quite got the hang of it. If you, like most people, are a skip and a jump ahead of me in the world of pinning do come and follow me and see what I’m planning in a world where imagination (not money or the pesky fact that I don’t actually have a utility room) is the only restraint. I’ll follow you back so I can see your ideas next time I get lost in Wonderland.

(Any advice on how to link all this up would be greatly appreciated)

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