Into The Groove: Part 2

When I last updated this blog it was 8pm and I had ruined my dining table (if you want to learn how to do the same or to find out why I started in the first place click here!)

Luckily B&Q is open late at the moment so back I went for the third time and stood baffled in front of the wood dyes, varnishes and waxes willing a product called ‘I’ll Fix Your Table Nat’ to jump into my arms. Normally when I’m after DIY advice I chase down the oldest shop assistant under the assumption that they will have the most knowledge. This time I was approached by a fella who looked too young to have his own tool belt but certainly knew his wood (I know, I sound like some dodgy maiden aunt). He advised me to buy Ronseal Wax in medium oak, the colour nearest to the rest of the table, in the hope that I could blend the patchy bits that I had sanded back with the varnish that refused to come off. He warned me that if it didn’t work I would have to sand it all off and start again.

Deep breath and give it a try.
Deep breath and give it a try.
Tried a little patch and it seems to match, exhale!
Tried a little patch and it seems to match, exhale!

I gave it two coats before I went to bed leaving an hour between and one as soon as I got up. This is the table where we eat, work, make art projects, do homework and drink tea so I hadn’t planned for it to be out of use for this long, luckily the weather has been nice so we have been able to eat outside at the reel table in the garden.

The good news is that the colours did all blend together and at last it started to look less of a mess but the texture was quite rough so after the success with the Annie Sloan Paint on my shelves, I invested in some Annie Sloan Wax to give it a smooth durable finish.


So, we started using the table again and I was immediately transformed into neurotic mummy shouting “Don’t bring those pens near my table!”, aggressively shoving coasters under rogue cups or tea and insisting on using placemats at every meal. Then my little boy split a full tumbler of water over it, the world didn’t end, it broke the spell and now I’m back to normal.

table meal
relaxed Sunday roast time…
table kids
… and relaxed Sunday playtime!

So was it worth it? Well this was one of those projects that I spent a lot of time wishing I’d never started and the rest of the time driving to B&Q and following old men round, the good news is I have achieved the aim and I no longer have to vacuum the crumbs out of that pesky groove. I find DIY is a bit like birth, you forget the pain which enables you to do it again, I’m even thinking of painting the legs pale grey…or maybe I should quit while I’m ahead! Let me know what you think.

My no vacuum table.
My no vacuum table!

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