Into the Groove: Part 1

There is a design flaw in our dinning table. It is the right size and shape, extends to accommodate large parties and is hard wearing but it has a groove. Like most things in our house it is from a second hand shop so the surface needs a bit of TLC and I didn’t really notice the groove when we bought it. Now it drives me mad – it’s the perfect place for crumbs, rice and stray play dough to fall into leaving me no choice but to vacuum the table. Who wants to vacuum a table?

Decorative food trap!
Decorative food trap!
Is this normal?
Is this normal?

My brilliant designer friend Charlie Cridlan (she makes everything beautiful) had suggested that I fill the gap with an epoxy resin so I thought I would try. Here’s how it went…

Evostick resin here we go!
Evo-stik resin here we go!

I got this from B&Q but they probably sell it in most big DIY stores. You have to squirt both tubes into the mixing dish, mix and apply with the spatula provided. It’s only possible to do a tiny bit at a time as it dries super quickly and it is quite messy.

This was as neat as I could get it.
This was as neat as I could get it.

TOP TIP: My mum called when I was working on this and I did get one of my fingers stuck to the phone. Warm water and washing up liquid for ‘lightly stuck’ and nail varnish remover for ‘s**t I’m really stuck!’ is quicker and less humiliating than trip to A&E.

Anyway, I ran out of resin about half way through so back to B&Q where I spotted this little gem which is the same thing but with a clever devise which mixes it before it comes out, bonus! They give you two nozzles as once you stop squeezing the glue hardens in under a minute rendering it unusable.

Unibond and it’s nifty device.
Much neater!
Much neater!

This was much less messy to apply but you get less product for about the same price as the Evo-stik so I needed two tubes to complete the job.

With the groove filled I was now left with a table that was covered in glue. I tried bleach, a scraper, light sanding pads, my fingernails, commanding it! There was no option I was going to have to sand it off so out came my trusty electric sander and I got to work.

I went though quite a few pads as the glue tended to gunk them up but it did come off and a just before the kids went to bed I stood back and surveyed my hard work…

Well I got the glue off!
Well I got the glue off!

I got on with the bedtime routine and as I kissed my little girl goodnight she looked at me with her big eyes and said, “Have you ruined the table mummy?” to which I replied, “Yes sweetheart, I think I have.”

table ruined
What did I do that for?

To be continued…

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