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Reorganise Your Cupboard in 11 Minutes

Warning, this is more a super fast reorganise your cupboard post rather than proper DIY post. But, I found a couple of really affordable prices at Dunelm Mill and it took me 11 minutes (while I was cooking rice for lunch) to sort out part of the kitchen which has been really bugging me.

A tiny kitchen plus a husband who loves to cook equals over crowded cupboards (a small price to pay I hear you cry!) but every time I get one thing out of the store cupboard something else falls out and either hits me on the head or spills all over the counter. I’m sure this never happens to anyone else and you’re all super tidy but just in case you have shelves bulging with eight types of flour, six types of sugar and enough spices to start you own Indian take away you don’t have to admit it, just read on…

My messy cupboard in need of reorganising
My messy cupboards…eek!
baskets to help with organising.
I spent a whopping £6.98 on under shelf holders and plastic containers.
Timer for rice and time to reorganise that cupboard
The rice has come to the boil!

Now I have 11 minutes to take everything out, wipe the cupboard and put everything back in an orderly fashion and for those who remember ‘Challenge Anneka’ … STOP THE CLOCK!

beautifully reorganised cupboard
Like this…oooh!

I rehoused the boxes of cereal on my recently painted shelves which are proving my best buy of the month.

Here's the rice and peppers in a pan
Here’s the rice and peppers in case you were wondering.

If you have any tips on how to reorganise your cupboard do share in the comments.

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