Too exciting! We had a visit from the local Heritage Foundation this week. For the majority of the population who don’t live in a garden city this is when nine volunteers and an officer from the Heritage Foundation rock up to your house in a minibus before having a meeting and deciding whether to give you permission to build.

As I wasn’t sure what to expect I tidied the whole house and made biscuit as I wanted to be the type of person you would want to keep in your historically important town. It was a rainy day so they politely offered to go round the alleyway into the back garden. There was no way I was letting them do that! They needed to see my tiny kitchen so made sure they all came through the house muddy feet or not. It’s a small town so I wasn’t surprised that I knew one of them who has kiddies the same age which made me feel comfortable.

They stayed about ten minutes and mostly stayed in the garden to see which neighbours would be affected, luckily none of them have objected.

So the good news is, four months after submitting the plans, we have full approval for a two storey extension! Now the hard work begins, our architect, Jon, from Pentangle Design is cracking on with the technical drawings so we can start getting quotes in and then there’s just the small matter of how we’re going to pay for it…. I might have one of those biscuits while I think about it.

house plans


5 thoughts on “Approved!

  1. It looks lovely! Your house will be amazing afterwards. Well done on getting Heritage approval – that is the most nerve-wracking part!

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